Peerless offers a collection of finely engineered Ferrule and Socket systems for retail displays and commercial environments.

All Peerless Ferrules are designed for housing within timber panels and joinery. Our standard Ferrule accessories can be used alongside other systems in the Peerless range to create a versatile retail interior space.

In addition to the supply of Ferrules and fittings, Peerless can also provide special bespoke accessories to accommodate individual project and design needs and also offer fully finished panels, pre-fitted with ferrules, ready for installation. Contact us for more details.

Heavy Duty (HD) Ferrule

Our Heavy Duty Ferrules are designed for full merchandising or shelving applications, utilising a friction fit system for added security. Deceptively neat and understated once installed, the Heavy Duty Ferrule has a comprehensive range of accessories available including arms, prongs and rails. This makes the HD Ferrule ideal for use in fashion and gift retailing displays.

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Medium Duty (Quartz) Ferrule

Quartz Medium Duty Ferrules are designed to provide a clean and minimalist appearance, with a square central hole allowing the associated fittings to be positioned accurately and remain neatly aligned across your display. Available with circular or square heads and a corresponding range of round or square bodied plug-in accessory arms, prongs and rails, these Ferrules can accommodate a wide variety of shelved or hanging merchandise.

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Cap Ferrules

Cap Ferrules are intended for mid to lightweight usage within a variety of applications and are available with a wide range of threaded, screw-in accessories. Cap Ferrules are supplied loose for mounting into (18mm minimum) timber panels and are designed to receive a range of display fittings without the need for reinforced joinery.

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Rectangular Ferrule (rPUC)

The unique rPUC system of rectangular ferrules and fittings offers a striking yet unobtrusive solution for heavy duty displays within panels or furniture. A range of innovative stainless steel plug-in Blade and rectangular tube fittings, which ‘lock’ in place for security, are available to perfectly complement any retail or architectural interior.

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