Peerless’ industry-leading Lightboxes can be supplied in kit form for easy delivery of large sizes.

Engineered by our sister company, Assigns Ltd, they are now available direct through Peerless Designs.

All of our Lightboxes use the latest LED technologies and can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

Huge advances in LED and printing technology mean that Lightboxes are becoming ever more popular in retail spaces.

These advances have allowed us to produce large lightboxes with more evenly spread and brighter light output – meaning your designs can stand out better than ever before.

Fabric Lightboxes

Our Fabric Lightboxes are perfect for semi-permanent or large illuminated display requirements. They have excellent light dispersal and can be supplied with or without printed fabric fronts.

Aluminium extruded casing

LED illumination

Low energy usage

Backlit and Sidelit versions available

Double-sided versions also available

These lightboxes are made to order with no minimum order requirements.

Lightbox 50 – Backlit

Our wide beam angle backlit technology gives a really bright and even spread of light and can be supplied in kit form to keep carriage costs down.

Lightbox 120 / 200 – Sidelit

With powerful LEDs mounted around the inside perimeter of the frame, the sidelit Lightbox allows for very large lightboxes to be constructed inexpensively and with low running costs.

Other styles of Lightboxes are available

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