Our selection of slim single and double slotted aluminium uprights and post profiles offer complete flexibility and are available to suit various installation requirements.

All of our uprights share the same Peerless slot pitch dimensions; this ensures all of fittings are interchangeable across our entire range. To accompany these profiles, our shelf brackets and hanging rails are available in a number of different styles and finishes to cater for all tastes.

Applied Uprights

Our applied uprights are for use in normal or heavier duty surface or recessed applications. Suitable infill panels may be fitted between relevant sections to accommodate design requirements.

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Rectangular Uprights

Rectangular post uprights may be used in applied perimeter or mid-floor applications. An associated range of rectangular fittings are available (see rectangular brackets, rails and fittings on respective data sheets). Alternatively, posts may be combined with a wide variety of other Peerless accessories.

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Square/Elliptical Posts

Our range of square and elliptical posts can be used in a wide variety of applications. The square SU.50 post profile may be used for applied or self-supporting structures, in perimeter or island locations, whereas our elliptical SU.92 post profile is better utilised when fixed directly onto elevations. All of our posts will accept a wide variety of Peerless brackets, rails and accessories illustrated within the respective sections of our datasheets.

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The FREELINE system is designed to offer complete flexibility, through a combination of both horizontal and vertical adjustability. Our surface-mounted horizontal crossrails are available for single or double tier presentation, with optional decorative claddings. Adjustable vertical components are suspended from crossrails and can be combined with our custom manufactured accessories to suit all of your display requirements. Interchangeable panels are available to order for graphic presentations, or pre-fitted with integral Peerless ferrules or slotted uprights ready to receive adjustable accessories

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FREELINE Floor Units

FREELINE floor units are designed for use on their own, or may be combined with our FREELINE perimeter systems. Frames are supplied pre-fitted with FREELINE crossrails and capping, ready to receive optional hook-on adjustable posts. These posts in turn support a wide range of PEERLESS shelves, hanging rails, arms and accessories. Optional mirrors, top shelves and end pegs may also be added to frames. Alternative finishes and bespoke arrangements to order.

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